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 Here at Fitssi we’re teeny bit coffee obsessed. Morning, brunch, after lunch. pre-workout… You name it, there’s always time for the good stuff.  The great news is that coffee can be hugely beneficial to your workouts and overall health if used sensibly (AKA good energy buzz rather than full on caffeine shakes…)How? Caffeine is a stimulant which effects the brain to improve mental focus, but also has a number of physiological effects on blood pressure and pulse. Studies have shown that a dose of caffeine reduces the perception of how hard endurance athletes believe they’re working, resulting in training at a higher intensity and for longer than without it.  It is also shown to also reduce glycogen utilisation (what your muscles use for fuel), therefore leaving more fuel stores for later in your workout.  The effective dose depends on your bodyweight, and should be taken 30-60 minutes pre-workout for best results.

Is the world’s first ever clear coffee, so you can get a portable caffeine boost minus the teeth staining and is now one of our favourite pre-workout essentials!  We caught up with the founders to find out more…

What exactly is CLRCFF?

We created CLRCFF for the people who want progress and are not willing to sacrifice.
CLRCFF is a refreshing coffee drink made out freshly roasted arabica beans. We created a ready to drink coffee which gives the boost without teeth stain. It’s also low in calories and doesn’t contain any preservatives, added flavouring, sugar or sweeteners.

How do you make it clear?!

The whole production process is based on physical treatment and we don’t use any chemicals during the production. We can’t reveal more details because it’s a part of our know how.

Where did the idea come from?

Because my brother and I had always struggled with the teeth discolouration due high coffee consumption, we started looking for a solution. We wanted something natural and made out of coffee. The lack of this kind of product made us to start working on what we now call Clear Coffee.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy CLRCFF?

We personally prefer to have it cold.

Where can we get our hands on some?

The easiest way is to order it from our website  but our product is also

available in several Whole Foods Market stores and Selfridges London (currently sold out).

Everyone who attends one of our boutique small group personal training sessions with us this week (30.01.17) will be able to get their hands on one these unique little bottles! Check out our timetable here or locations and times.

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