"Top five fitness trends for 2017: This year's exciting new ways to workout" - Hannah Britt (Express newspaper)

"New Year’s resolutions you can ACTUALLY stick to" - Anna Matheson (Sun newspaper)

Fitssi 5 Signature workouts

Contrary to popular belief, every movement is a full body movement. Instead of exhausting isolated muscles, we've broken down the science of how your body moves to target, strengthen and improve every muscle from top to toe. Full body movement means you don't simply strengthen a muscle, you improve the way your whole body moves + functions - all with a serious full body burn.

The group dynamic of 5 people makes this system even better, The personal trainer has a lot of scope to react to each person in the group, your individual skill level, interest level and fatigue level. The small group encourages you to delve further into your energy reserves (with a bit of friendly competition of course) all while you bond with some new workout buddies.

Want to see how we're turning your body into one sexy, lean, high performance machine...and fill your sweat sessions with GOOD VIBES?

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