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MissFits Nutrition will be the exclusive protein provider at Fitssi’s  NYE ‘Rave and Behave’ event.

So who are MissFits and what are they all about?


MissFits Nutrition creates products designed with the active woman in mind to make every sweat count. Their product ‘The Multitasker’ is functional and helps to tone muscle, burn fat, boost energy and rejuvenate skin, hair and nails. The Multitasker is the first, perfectly portioned protein sachet designed just for women.  Presented in a nifty single sachet, this kit-bag must have holds everything you need to hit your workout goals, tone up and feel radiant on the inside and out. Whether it’s a HIIT or yoga class, bootcamp or your first 10k, The Multitasker will help you feel stronger and recover faster. Say goodbye to bulky tubs and messy powder scoops, just add water and recover on the go!

Satisfy your sweet cravings; with Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry and Coffee, there’s a treat for every taste bud and no nasty added sugars in sight. The superfood sachets are even jam packed with cacao powder, vanilla beans, real fruit and coffee beans.

Missfit Nutrition_fitssi_nutella

Look and feel your best with the perfect post-sweat pick-me-up;
• Each 25g sachet contains 16g protein, under 80 calories, zero artificial additives, preservatives or chemicals.
• Pea protein: all nine essential amino acids needed to replenish muscles, without the bloat commonly associated with dairy proteins.
• Glutamine: complements the pea protein and speeds up recovery time. • Vitamin b12 and green tea extract: reduces tiredness and fatigue.
• Zinc and bamboo extract: rejuvenates skin, hair and nails.
• Digestive enzymes, probiotic and flax seed powder: aids digestion and promotes gut health.
• Suitable for vegans, the recovery shakes are gluten and GMO free.

Tara Adlestone, MissFits Nutrition, says: “Protein has long been perceived as a product just for men, to bulk up and grow muscle mass. It is our goal to educate women that protein holds the key to radiance and strength on the inside and out. It really is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. “We have created The Multitasker to be a trusted source of high-quality lean pea protein and essential nutrients and to empower all active women. The sachets are ideal for busy women juggling their career, training, travel, family and social commitments; recovery on the go has never been easier.”

MissFits is a brand and community where women feel empowered and inspired to get their sweat on, and strive to be healthier and fitter. Our events bring women from all over the country to train together, gain together and bring the best out of one another.


The Multitasker has been developed to maximise the effects of working out, and help women tone muscle, burn fat, boost energy and maintain skin, hair and nails.

1. Helps to tone muscle and burn fat

The pea protein in The Multitasker replenishes your muscles following a workout, enabling you to tone in the best possible way.

This is great news, as a toned body requires more energy to maintain, meaning your metabolism speeds up and less energy is stored as fat in your body.

So simply put, by toning muscle you can burn fat!

2. Boosts energy and maintains skin, hair and nails

The Multitasker is packed with awesome vitamins, minerals and nutrients that work wonders for your wellbeing, boosting energy and maintaining skin, hair and nails to leave you feeling and looking your best!

3. Delicious and refreshing drink for under 80 calories

The Multitasker is best enjoyed when added to 300ml of cold water or milk to make a delicious and refreshing drink. All flavours are under 80 calories per sachet.

Nutella MissFits Protein Shake Recipe

Ingredients –
•200ml almond milk
•1 sachet MissFits Nutrition Chocolate Protein Powder •1 frozen banana
•1 tbsp hazelnut butter
•Handful of ice (optional)

Method –
1. Add the almond milk to your blender followed by all the other ingredients.
2. Blend until smooth and creamy.

3. Drink up and enjoy!

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