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It’s that time of year – that weird time warp between Christmas and New Year when nobody knows what day it is, what we’re supposed to be doing or where we’re going. We’ve got a mountain of leftovers to eat, the family is driving us mental and, most worryingly, New Year’s Eve is on the horizon and we’re faced with another year of disappointing warm champagne.

We’ve looked into your familiar options for NYE so you can make an informed decision and maybe even have a bit of fun this time..

The typical Club Night

The classic NYE option – dressing up with your mates for night of booze, dancing, hugging strangers and usually ending with the hangover from hell.

Call us crazy, but starting the new year reaching for the paracetamol and wondering what exactly was in those 4am snapchats you sent to your ex isn’t exactly getting the year off to flying start…

And it doesn’t stop there… Wait until you finally pluck up the courage to check your bank statement and find entry alone cost you your January pay-check, your taxi back cost you February’s and you spent how much on Jagerbombs?? And, oh god. I can STILL taste them.

The memories slowly begin to come back. How long did you spend queuing out in the freezing cold again? What was that drunken argument about? And who the hell is ‘Mojito Guy’ that’s now texting you about going for a ‘cheeky January drink’?? No thanks, I’m never drinking again. Ever. Or…at least until my birthday.

The quiet Family Night

On the surface this seems appealing – a quiet night in, a decent bed time and a fresh start to the new year with no dodgy memories of ‘mojito guy’. Perfect.

Until you remember you’ve spent every day with your family since 23rd December (that’s 1 WHOLE WEEK) and they’re driving you nuts. Plus now the neighbours and Aunty Sue re coming too – queue questions about why you’re not spending NYE with a boyfriend and why you don’t have a ‘fun party’ to go to. Solution? Drink.

Once you’ve had dinner (and a bottle of Prosecco) and made it through charades, on goes the TV. Except there’’s sweet FA on except Jools Holland and his annual hooten-new-year-nanny-whatever. Pass the Prosecco.

Soon the drunken snapchats from your mates who have braved going out start to roll in, and now you’ve got FOMO as well…but it’s too late to go out now, you haven’t even shaved your legs and, besides, Mum and Dad would be disappointed after you promised them a ‘nice family New Year’

Time ticks on until midnight… Forget a 10 second countdown. you’ve been counting down the minutes until you can make an excuse and crawl into bed since 9pm.

Finally it arrives, along with one last glass of warm fizz. You can pretend to know the words to Auld Lang Syne before heading to bed and waking up with a sore head (how much Prosecco did I get through?!) May as well have gone out, at least you’d have some funny memories…Don’t you dare thinking about going sleep now will you as your phone throws some serious vibrating HIIT workouts right from underneath your pillow. (4am yep, time for the I-love-you calls from your drunken mates that went out). You’ll prob know all about the night as it will be plastered on FB the day after.

The Rescue Kit

NYE never has to be the same again. Don’t worry, we’ve got one last option that may just rescue you…

Click me.