Lisa-Jane or WildCatFitness as she’s known on social media is a super-star personal trainer, award winning blogger and Lorna Jane Ambassador.

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Lisa-Jane or WildCatFitness as she’s known on social media is a super-star personal trainer, award winning blogger and Lorna Jane Ambassador. L.J is a really inspiring lady that sets a great example in the fitness industry, tirelessly promoting fitness as a way to connect, and feel great about yourself! It was a pleasure to have her as a guest speaker at our Empowering Women in Fitness event supporting our message of creating a social fitness lifestyle, and we cannot wait to have her headline at our New Years Eve Rave & Behave launch event!

As well as taking over our Instagram account – @Fitssi on Monday 5th December (keep your eyes peeled for that) L.J’s written us a ‘day in the life of a P.T’ blog post to give us an insight into the fitness industry and how hard P.T’s work.


As cliched as the #lovemyjob hashtags are on social media, I can hand on my heart say that for me it is 100% true and that I genuinely love what I do, and even better do what I love. I have been working in the Fitness Industry now for over 8 years and have been a full-time Personal Trainer for 4 years. In that time the industry has changed hugely, but one thing that hasn’t changed is my passion for health and fitness, and most of all helping people become the best version of themselves. So when Fitssi asked me to share what a typical day in my life looks like, I was thrilled to be able to give an insight into the daily routine of a busy London PT, Instructor and Blogger.

My alarm usually goes off around 615am, I try to buy myself an extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning by prepping my breakfast and laying out all my kit and packing my gym bag. It sounds silly, but with long and busy days even a 15 minute lie in can make all the difference! I usually have to take at least once full change of kit out with me every day to teach or train myself in, so I dress in an outfit for seeing clients, with a workout outfit planned and packed to take with me. For breakfast,  I usually have overnight oats, or porridge in the winter, topped with fresh berries and flaxseed, or I’ll make myself a smoothie with spinach, frozen fruit, protein powder, chia seeds and almond milk. I always make sure I eat something before I leave the house, as I usually have several clients in the morning, so I need fuel to keep up my enthusiasm and concentration levels. I generally try to go home for lunch so that I can eat something homemade and healthy rather than relying on shop bought food. My lunchtime go-tos include omelettes, avo and poached egg on toast, vegetable soup or baked sweet potatoes with cottage cheese. I always try to make veggies and protein the focus of my meals to keep me full and also give me fuel for having such active days. When I’m at home I use this time to catch up on admin – writing session plans, replying to client emails, writing Blog posts or planning social media activity.


I absolutely love Blogging and was very proud when I won Best Fitness Blog at the Health Bloggers Awards earlier this year, as the Blog really is a labour of love for me. I absolutely love working with people but a couple of years back I felt strongly that I wanted my message of living your best active life and sharing my own personal fitness journey to reach a wider audience, so I started blogging and working at my social media to provide exercise tips, healthy recipes and workout motivation. I consider it an important part of my job, but it is something I have to ensure I make time for in an already busy schedule.

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In the evenings I can often be found at a fitness talk, mixer or influencer event, or if not then I might head to another class myself. In terms of my own training I also try to have at least one pure strength session a week in the gym where I just lift, I fit these in wherever my schedule will allow (last minute cancellations can be really handy for this, hence always having a spare set of workout kit on me at all times – I never know when I might get the chance to squeeze in some lifting!).

When I get home at night I am usually shattered, but I always make sure to eat something healthy. This can be challenging when I sometimes don’t get home until 9pm, so therefore I ensure I am prepared for the week ahead by pre-cooking or planning meals. Often on a Sunday I will roast vegetables and cook fish fillets (I’m a pescatarian), or make something like a vegetarian chilli or curry that I can eat for several meals. I also make sure I have quick and easy things at home should I get stuck – so microwavable pouches of brown rice and lentils, frozen vegetables and packets of tofu and halloumi so that I can easily put together a healthy meal if I need to.

I am often exhausted when I return home, so my guilty pleasure in the evenings is to watch some sort of mindless TV like Made in Chelsea, TOWIE or The Apprentice – anything where I don’t have to tax my brain too hard 😉 Once that’s done I’ll prepare my breakfast, set my kit out and do it all again tomorrow!

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