We’ve compiled our top 12 inspiring fitness instagram accounts that you should be following, like, yesterday! From the super-inspiring, to laugh out loud funny, just our biggest ab envy – we can’t get enough of these leading fitness ladies:

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We’ve compiled our top 10 inspiring fitness instagram accounts that you should be following now! From the super-inspiring, to laugh out loud funny, or even just our biggest ab envy – we can’t get enough of these leading fitness ladies:

1.The Girl Gains @thegirlgains

Tally, Vic and Zanna are the perfect example of how getting fit can be fun with your friends! After meeting via fitness and social media, these girls have changed the way women train and think about fitness, starting the #girlgains movement that has taken over. Connecting thousands of girls together with training, events, and advocating a happy, healthy balance between ‘healthy eating’ and the odd cheeky cocktail, these girls are setting an awesome example in today’s fitness community.

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2.  Hazel Wallace @thefoodmedic

Qualified doctor, super-blogger, an accredited PT, maintains a long distance relationship AND has abs to die for, Hazel Wallace is hands down a superwoman. Never once giving into thoughts that she can’t do something, Hazel sets an awesome example to women everywhere that with a good deal of determination and hard work, you can achieve anything.


3.  Ban Hass @banhass

The straight-talking anti-fitspo PT who’ll tell you everything that everyone else won’t. This meme-queen makes us laugh out loud every single day with cries of ‘that’s so true!!’

meme bh

4.  Twice the Health @twicethehealth

The girls who use exercise as their excuse for a love of good food. E and H are double trouble, injecting their positivity and energy everywhere they go (which seems to be all over London!). Proving that fitness is always better in pairs, E and H are taking over the fitness scene and having an awesome time doing it.


5. Nicola Jane Hobbs @nicolajanehobbs

Author of ‘Yoga Gym’, Nicola is the ultimate #yogagoals – handstands and back bends that defy gravity, mixed with a good mix of healthy, soulful food. Documenting her own inspiring story of anorexia recovery, Nicola’s instagram is a beautiful home of positivity, self-love and mindset coaching, for your daily dose of wellness, and proof that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for anyone going through dark times.


6. Philippa Fleming @philflemingfit

The pink-haired bikini competitor turned powerlifter. Phillipa’s instagram promotes no-nonsense, down to earth fitspo. It’s a courgetti and zoat-free zone, made up instead of flexy selfies and workout videos. Phillipa always promotes a healthy body image and self-confidence – she may not have your typical fitspo abs any more, but this girl can lift. Seriously. And she still looks incredible! Oh, and she’s got a beautiful voice as well, as if a mean deadlift and gorgeous body wasn’t enough.


7.  Fleur @fleur_runs

Fleur is a woman that never, ever seems to stop running! Her passion for the sport is so evident in all her posts, racing and training up and down the country – if she doesn’t motivate you to pull your running shoes on then no one will. A must-follow for keen runners!


8. Em Lousie @emlouisefitness (a.k.a ELF)

21 year old Em is an ordinary student (well, she’s just graduated) with a love of fitness, food and baking. Her instagram is nothing if not fun! Showing how you can have a good time, a social life and balance being fit and healthy, ELF is just the kind of girl everyone wants as their sister or bff

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9. Shona Vertue @shona_vertue

Creator of the Vertue Method, Shona loves to combine flexibility and strength training to give you the ultimate fit, strong and bendy body. Always cheery and her photography is really beautiful, Shona brightens our newsfeed every day with her signature hashtag #lesspantsmoreplants


10. “Heebs” Burton @burtonsbakes

Warning: Do not, under any circumstances, scroll through @burtonsbakes if you’re even slightly hungry. You’ll end up wanting to actually eat your phone. This girl is the queen of protein treats, with the odd savoury meal and gym selfie thrown in for good measure. But the cake…oh the cake. Heebs, please come and be our chef at Fitssi HQ!


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