Coffee X Fitssi

Are you maximising your workout performance?

 Here at Fitssi we’re teeny bit coffee obsessed. Morning, brunch, after lunch. pre-workout… You name it, there’s always time for the good stuff.  The great news is that coffee can be hugely beneficial to your workouts and overall health if used sensibly (AKA good energy buzz rather than full on caffeine shakes…)How? Caffeine is a stimulant […]

oppo ice cream x Fitssi

You No Longer Need to Choose Between Fitness and Ice Cream

This week we’re kicking things off with Oppo Ice-cream!   Fitness can be tough. That’s why every week we partner up with our favourite brands to give you a little extra motivation…Imagine “You No Longer Need to Choose Between Fitness and Ice Cream”! that’s why we’ve partnered with Oppo – The perfect guilt-free refuel… Introducing… The Fitssi 5 Signature Workout Fitness […]

Fitssi X Faster Global

Fitssi partners with Faster Global

The fitness industry has changed dramatically in the way information is shared thanks to social media, but what hasn’t changed much is the ideas and concepts being used. Mistakes are being repeated by new generations of trainers, often because the right questions just don’t get asked, either through lack of knowledge or fear of being […]

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