Fitssi is a social fitness app, connecting users to small group personal training on demand. The fitness industry is shifting away traditional gym models as consumers craving something more social, better value and highly flexible. Fitssi brings a new way to train, more suitable for the co-existing and shared modern era.

Fitness is the new social scene. It’s now cooler to take a selfie at the latest boutique studio and catch up with your friends over a kale salad than it is to be seen getting the rounds in at the local pub. 

With Fitssi, users not only get a focused, effective workout under careful instruction from a highly qualified personal trainer, but they can make meaningful social connections in their small group, feel part of an empowered community – all while sharing the cost with the other members. The workout itself is a signature, 45 minute, full body workout that can be booked just minutes in advance; easily fitting into a lunchtime, before or after work. No matter how many people are in your session whether it’s just you, or 4 others, you pay a single flat rate.

Since April 2016 we’ve been running focus groups, research and developing our product and tech whilst working with the best partners in the industry including London Sport, REPS and the global wellness leader ‘Technogym‘  to develop a quality product that delivers results and convenience.

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